What does the end of the TiVo Service mean for you and your TiVo after 31 October?

Once the TiVo Service is withdrawn, there will be no electronic programming guide after 14 days, and the following features will stop working:

  • Season Pass recording functionality;
  • WishList and Title Search recording functionality;
  • TiVo Suggestions recording functionality;
  • TiVo Genie remote scheduling functionality;

and Home Networking Package functionality will be limited*.

You will also lose access to the limited broadband applications (such as Picasa photos) and broadband games currently available on the TiVo device via the TiVo Service, and while TiVo KidZone and Parental Controls will continue to work with existing recordings, these features will not be able to work for any new recordings made after 31 October 2017 (given they also rely on the electronic programming guide). 

As long as you do not run a Guided Set Up or Clear & Delete on your device, after 31 October 2017 you will still be able to use your TiVo Device to: 

  • convert and receive digital channels on an old analogue TV;
  • watch recordings made on the device prior to 31 October 2017 (“existing recordings”);
  • pause, rewind and instant replay live TV and existing recordings;
  • fast-forward existing recordings;
  • use TiVo KidZone and Parental Controls so far as they relate to existing recordings;
  • record the channel you are watching in a 30 minute block (from the moment you press record);
  • record items manually if you know the start and approximate end time for each program (although this will be a lot more difficult to do without the Electronic Programming Guide); and
  • *transfer (subject to being Home Networking Package customer) recordings from their TiVo device to a PC/ Mac.

Notwithstanding, Hybrid:

  • does not recommend running your TiVo beyond the life of the TiVo Service; and
  • if you are still using your TiVo device with the limited functionality above, and you run a Guided Setup or Clear & Delete on the device after 31 October, the device will lose all functionality.  

The TiVo device will not be supported from a technical perspective after 31 October 2017, and there will be no customer support nor authorised repair facilities available to customers after that date.

If you require further assistance, for a limited time you can still reach us at TiVo Support: 0800 My TiVo(0800 69 8486)