How to use TiVo Genie: Mobile Scheduling

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Mobile Scheduling

The urge to record can hit you anytime, anywhere: reading the TV guide on the train, catching a new programme advert on the side of a bus, show recommendations from friends over lunch…why wait until you get back to your desk?

We’re taking remote scheduling one step further with the Genie Mobile application for your phone!

Logon to TiVo Genie direct from your Internet-enabled mobile and experience easy One-Click Recording whenever the need strikes!

Visit on your mobile for instant access to online scheduling. If you haven’t adjusted your default settings in TiVo Genie online, you’ll need to set them up now. From here on out, you’ll see a display of all available channels for your region. Click on a channel to view the day’s line-up and click on programs you want recorded as you scroll through. Easy!

Quick load times, simple navigation, and instant results – you’re on the go and TiVo is right there with you.

Do you have an iPhone?

Simply Bookmark the TiVo Genie login page and add it your Home screen for quick and easy access.

Do you have a Blackberry?

A TiVo Genie launcher application for BlackBerry version 4.0 and above is available. If your BlackBerry is compatible it will display a link at the bottom of the login screen. You just need to click and install the application which will then allow you to easily launch the TiVo Genie for Mobile website.

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